The Advice That Makes A Difference

Professional Partners

This section describes how Financial Insurance, Financial Planning, Taxation or Legal Professionals increase their income through lender relationships, and how many of these professionals are leaving money on the table and sacrificing client share by not having these relationships in place.

We can help your clients restructure debt, through “equity repositioning”, that provides cash flow for the purchase of your products and/or services.

Insurance and Financial Planning:

An associate who is a successful insurance professional shared with us that the higher commission dollars are selling “whole life” vs. “term” insurance.  The key is not selling it as insurance, but marketing the insurance as a retirement planning tool. This insurance professional has sent referrals – those clients that needed to restructure their debt – to Primary Residential Mortgage for an equity repositioning analysis.  As a result, we are now asking our clients at application if they have adequate protection in the event of an unforeseen disaster.  If not, we will refer them to our Insurance Professional Partner. This now becomes a full-cycle referral that benefits all parties (the insurance professional, the mortgage professional, and the client).

In the above scenario, the “I can’t afford it” is no longer acceptable.

(Click here to see the special form we created for this purpose; it accompanies each and every loan application we send out or take in person; requires Adobe Reader).

Wills and Trusts:

When the client passes away without a will or a trust, their property may end up in PROBATE. What an ugly word! With every loan application a mortgage professional should ask the client if they have this in place. If not, (and 80% of them don’t) refer them to an attorney that can prepare the appropriate documents for them.

Many family planning attorneys will recommend to their client, “If you are thinking of refinancing, do it now instead of waiting on this process (establishing a new trust). It could cost you more in the future to accurately reflect the trust.”  Not all lenders are able to provide financing while a property is in a trust.


A well‐respected marketing consultant for the legal profession recently received numerous emails with a common theme.

What many attorneys wanted to know was “tips on how to accelerate payment for services rendered, politely, while retaining the client and in the process not turning into a bill collector or pushing the client away.”

The recommendation was to introduce a mortgage professional to the client for a debt restructuring refinance and, in the process of the closing, having the attorneys bill, PAID IN FULL!

By networking with another professional and introducing the new professional’s products, services or solutions to the client base, the referring professional has created another excuse to market and “stay in the mind of” the client. Our Preferred Partners find this helps maintain their hard-earned client relationships. Additionally, for those clients referred to us from our Preferred Partners, we help strengthen the Partner‐Client relationship through our Client Retention Contact Program, which helps our Partners increase their monthly business and income. To see how our Client Retention Contact Program helps our Preferred Partners grow their business, Click here.

If you are a non‐lending professional reading this outline, hopefully you can see the value in creating this type of referral environment and developing a strong professional relationship with a mortgage professional.